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‚Äč Restorative Justice Expressive Arts         Restorative Justice Expressive Arts combines the principles and practices of restorative justice with creative expression to facilitate healing in individuals who have suffered harm, trauma, violence and loss.The process is grounded in the principles of restorative justice -*identify harm, both the harm done and harm experienced,*acknowledge the needs and outcomes that have arisen from that harm, particularly the relationships that have been impacted,*repair the harm within a supportive community of stakeholders.         Central to the RJ process is the talking circle where participants can tell their stories in a safe community united by shared values and concerns. The RJ Expressive Arts circles become a place of support and inspiration where thoughts and emotions that arise from the circle experience are expressed through hands-on art projects. Art making can provide a space for expressing difficult emotions and give individuals a renewed sense of agency, discovery and hope.         Combining RJ practices with expressive arts enables people and communities to heal from harm in a creative and dynamic way.  The resulting work becomes a powerful external expression of our collective human potential for transformation and healing. Community Works West artist/ Restorative Justice facilitator Deanne Morizono in collaboration with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women, survivors of violence, and Restorative Justice community members created the artwork in this exhibition.  Ms. Morizono incorporated individual pieces made by her class participants into artworks for public display as a way to share the Restorative Justice Expressive Arts experience with the larger community. 

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